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"Surrender yourself humbly then you can be trusted to care for all things. Love the world as your own self, then you can truly care for all things."

Lao Tzu


Beauty and Wellness


I am living in Africa more than 20 years, I travelled a big part of the world and i'm still on my way. Meeting people from many different cultures, all with differents faiths and beliefs in search of answers and studing the same subjects as i am, sharing our knowledges to have for everybody a more energetic and healthy life.

I successfully translated my herbal energetics recipes from  "old and modern chemistry", to  cosmetic manufacturing, only from herbal and marine products that retain their 100% natural status.

All Wellness Quantum Health Center I.R. products are 100% natural utilizing certified organic herbs, flowers, oils & grains, algies, tree leves, spices.

But not only cosmetics are important, - Cleansing the body is one of the most important things, digestion aid, detoxifying the body, and keeping a healthy pH level. All natural herbs and cleansing kits, designed to detox kidneys, liver, colon cleans, upper digestive cleans, and full body cleansers. pH. Balancing Greens as well as super antioxidants, to repair free radical cells.

It is very important to supplement our health and energetic system because it is essential in getting and staying in good health. The right supplements help prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses. 

Wellness Quantum Health Center I.R. has dedicated the research to bring you the healthiest and most natural, vitamins and supplements on the market. Only the best and most effective nutrition and healthy products are part of our inventory. Offering you the best nutrition, health, diet, strength, endurance, energy, cleansing, size, beauty, age defying, and overall daily health products.


We are what we eat. Eating a fresh, healthy, nutritional, good pH, balanced diet, is essential to optimizing your outer beauty.  Keeping a clean diet promotes better skin coloring, stronger nails, thicker hair, diminished blemishes, and over all fresher look to the outer body. Feeling and looking at your best, requires not only exercise, but a well balanced supplemental diet. The healthier your body is on the inside, the better the outside is. All functions of the body including, mental focus, mental clarity, proper digestion, hair growth, weight loss, clear skin, pain free joints, a more energetic life, and chronic illness prevention starts with what we eat and drink.


  Energetic Device 

Wellness Quantum Health center I.R. Orgone Devices are made of Orgonite.



Orgone Energy can be described as a life force which permeates all living entities. Orgone is the name for which Wilhelm Reich labelled the "substratum from which all nature is created".

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian-American psychiatrist as well as a psychoanalyst. In the 1920s, he did extensive research into the nature of this invisible omnipotent life force, and he found he was able to attract Orgone energy through combining organic hydrocarbons and inorganic substances in alternating layers. Various materials were tested including organic substances such as oils, resins, cottons, as well as inorganic substances such as metal filings and other minerals. Different layered combinations of these materials resulted in the Health Center I.R., Orgone, or life force devices which are available today.

Orgone energy is everywhere in two forms, positive orgone – in its natural form, and dead orgone – produced by electromagnetic fields, microwaves, computers, cellular antennas and phones and geopathic fields.

His Orgone Accumulator was based on the principle that when Dead Orgone (DOR) passes through multiple layers made with alternated organic and non organic matter, it turns into Positive Orgone (POR) again and has the ability to heal.

Adding crystal is an amplifier, it is the element that makes the energy flow and radiate. The crystal creates a continuous orgone flow and emits the energy accumulated, it avoids stagnation. The more the crystal is under pressure, the more it will enhance the flow.

Orgonite is an orgone generator, it transforms dead orgone into positive orgone. The organic matter is epoxy resin and the inorganic matter metal. It contains crystals, gemstones, flowers and herbs, copper coils, seashells and mandalas. The crystals amplify and make the energy flow continuously, while the copper coil directs the energy flow. The shells and mandalas add frequencies from sacred geometry and work as harmonizers.

Orgonite vibrates at a high level of energy . It increases the strength of the aura and protects us against negativity and stress, harmful microwaves, geopathy and electromagnetic radiation. It improves the flow of energy in the body and acts as preventive medicine. Applied locally it reduces pain. Orgonite makes us stronger, centered, and increases our psychic abilities.

I have done some research on orgone crafting for a few years now and have tested my devices on energy sensitive people. The original orgonite mix is made of 50% metal and 50% resin, and is known to be effective and works well, but I discovered the energy in this devices are sometimes too strong and rough for devices made to be worn by people, especially energy sensitive people. So i have been looking for a way to create devices which emit a finer and more precise energy. The resin being liquid when pouring has the same capacity as water, to absorb frequencies and information (refering to Dr Masuru Emoto's research on water). This gave me the idea to add qualities of light to the orgone devices through intent and using sound frequencies. While the resin is curing, the frequencies of the heart, added using intent and sound, are absorbed into the resin matrix and will be permanently emitted by the devices once the resin is cured. The devices having space of only resin without metal in them emit these sacred frequencies amazingly, and are much appreciated by energy sensitive people.

I add natural colors to personalize the device based on the chromotherapy influence.

This is why I gave my Orgone Devices the name Health Center I.R. ORGONE DEVICE. They are intended to help us transform negative thoughts and feelings ,open the heart and connect us to our body of light.

How to use Orgonite?

Wear an orgonite on you all the time. Put an orgonite on or next to electrical appliances. Charge food and drinks on an orgone charging plate. Place an orgonite in your fishtank. If there is geopathy in your house, orgonite neutralizes the harm. When building a new house you can integrate an orgonite in the floor or the entrance door to enhance the energy of the house.

Each device is handmade and unique. They exist in various sizes and shapes, for personal and environmental use, and radiate from 10 to 500 meters radius. They vibrate 44000 units on the Bovis scale used in radiesthesy . They are beneficial for humans, animals, homes and the landscape.


Uses and Applications of Orgone Energy Devices

There are a variety of ways in which Orgone Energy devices can be utilised including but not limited to the following;

  • Removal of dangerous EMF fields in ones home or workplace.
  • Recharge foods or drinks with life force (this is easily observed by filling a glass with water, and then drinking some of the water observing the flavour.
  • Better hydration of  the body cells with water charged with Orgone energy, and surface tension of water effectively reduced.
  • Improved flavours in foods and wines.
  • In geomancy, can be used to counter geopathic stress, resulting from ley lines, curry lines, the Hartmann or Benker grid or water vene.
  • Reported improved mood and emotions in the presence of an Orgone Energy device.
  • People find that they can often sleep better (especially the case with the Geoclense which harmonises earth magnetic grid lines and all EMR fields within an entire building).
  • The deadly radiation from a mobile phone can be compensated by orgone energy device
  • Plants are observed as growing quicker.
  • Fish tanks and aquariums function a lot better with fish swimming in a vibrant water packed with life force. 
  • With the range of the various devices, more bird and animal life is observed in the areas around the home, almost as if the wildlife senses an ambience rather than the constant hum of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Using an orgone protection pendant will increase the size of one's aura, their physical strength and their psychic/ intuitive ability.




We are excited that you have given us an opportunity to help you on your health and wellness needs.

We want you to feel better, starting from the inside out. Achieving wellness is a journey. We can assist you with your journey by sharing our knowledge, products, and services.

Wellness Quantum Health Center I.R.  offer various forms of natural energy healing and detoxification. relaxation,detoxification, and natural chronic pain relief.

The services we provide makes us unique.

At Wellness Quantum Center I.R. we can provide you with personalized health and wellness programs and products that may offer you an alternative for chronic pain, cure, prevention,management.


Quantum Physics & QXCI/Scio Device

Welcome to a new era in technology,

An age where the focus is on finding the underlying stressors of your disease.

The latest energetic medicine device, the QXCI/SCIO is an evoked potential biofeedback device used by qualified practitioners to evaluate underlying stressors in the body. Stress, if not addressed, can manifest destructively in the system.

The QXCI/SCIO can measure and balance your individual stress response to over 9000 stressors. These are comprised of pathogens (bacterias, fungi, parasites, organ tissues, emotional factors and many many more).

The system feeds back a gentle rebalancing frequency to redress these stressors and bring the body back to its natural balance point.

The initial consultation generally takes 1 hour with follow-up consults in addition we work subspace for distant test and cure.