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The Amazing Therapeutic Effects of "Energy Blankets" from Health Center I.R.


How Does it Work?

Based on original work by Wilhelm Reich, the Energy Health Center Blanket was developed to help to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energise.  The Energy Blanket works essentially by reflecting away external energies that may be influencing the body and also by reflecting back to itself the body's own energies.

The blanket is used for helping the body to energetically re-compose itself.

The effects of the  Energy Health Center  Blanket are reportedly achieved through the reflection of the patient’s own infrared and ultra-high frequency emissions back onto their body.

A special membrane composed of several layers inside the blanket is designed to prevent the body’s electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards.

These same layers reflect the emissions back on the body. It is supposed that these reflected emissions have the effect of redistributing the charge density on the skin and exerting some energetic action on the biologically active points of the body surface.

Infrared radiation, also reflected back onto the body, is thought to be absorbed by the tissue fluids and is converted to thermal energy.

It is thought that the thermal energy causes a direct thermal action on the thermal receptors whose impulses to the CNS trigger the appropriate thermo-regulative mechanisms in the body. The short wave IR radiation may also cause an effect.

How Does it Feel?

The first thing one usually feels subjectively when being wrapped in the  Blanket is complete and pleasant protection. All external electro-magnetic and electro-static influences are blocked and reflected away.

Then one may become aware of subtle shifts as the Blanket reflects back the body’s own infrared and ultra-high frequencies.

One may feel a period of warmth focused in a part of the body, that usually passes within minutes.

One also can experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a meditation.

It is recommended that you sleep within the Blanket and this may be from 10 minutes to a few hours.

Usually, if the person sleeps completely covered from head to toe, one awakes with a definite sense of completion.

Often a short period from 10 to 90 minutes accomplishes this result however very unwell people may wish to sleep in the Blanket for 24 hours or longer.

Is use for:

1. For De-toxing

2. Boosting the Immune System

3. Cell Regeneration

4. As an aid to Relaxation

5. Energy Restorer

6. Every kind of Pain


We are offering a variety of  blankets different size and colors.

All are high quality,  We examine all our blanket offerings before putting them up for sale. All are of excellent high quality, soft and comfortable to the touch.Most are made in Kenya with natural fibre.

These items cannot be washed and it is not recommended they be dry-cleaned. For washing purposes please remove the outer casing (a duvet cover is suitable).












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Wellness Quantum Health Center I.R.  offer various forms of natural energy healing and detoxification. relaxation,detoxification, and natural chronic pain relief.

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Quantum Physics & QXCI/Scio Device

Welcome to a new era in technology,

An age where the focus is on finding the underlying stressors of your disease.

The latest energetic medicine device, the QXCI/SCIO is an evoked potential biofeedback device used by qualified practitioners to evaluate underlying stressors in the body. Stress, if not addressed, can manifest destructively in the system.

The QXCI/SCIO can measure and balance your individual stress response to over 9000 stressors. These are comprised of pathogens (bacterias, fungi, parasites, organ tissues, emotional factors and many many more).

The system feeds back a gentle rebalancing frequency to redress these stressors and bring the body back to its natural balance point.

The initial consultation generally takes 1 hour with follow-up consults in addition we work subspace for distant test and cure.