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Each device is handmade and unique.  Health center I.R. Orgone Life-Energy Pendant exist in various sizes and shapes, for personal use.

Many have experienced the power of the Pendant and now want to always have this energy and etheric protection around.

Health center I.R. Orgone Life-Energy Pendant offers a wide range of pendants.

All of them protect against EMF and negativity!

Every one is unique and has its own energy.

The Personal Protector Pendant, suits people who work with energy and people who spend many hours in electromagnetic radiation.

Each of them is unique in its design.

The Light Health center I.R. Orgone Life-Energy Pendant is ours mallest device and has a fine and precise energy-Perfect protection for kids against electromagnetic pollution.

The Chakra Harmonizer has seven different stones-colors-frequencies, each corresponding to a different chakra.

They are intended to harmonize and open the energy flow through our vertical axis as well as to protect against EMF radiation and negativity. 

The Golden Spiral Pendant, emits specific qualities, according to the stones contained in it.

This pendant is as strong as the Personal Protection Pendant is EMF protective, and has a cylinder shape.

All our pendants are intended to help transform negative thoughts and feelings.

They enhance our personal energy due to their own high energy level measured on the Bovis biometer. 

Look at them, feel them and listen to your heart!

We can personalized your Health Center I.R. Orgone Life-Energy Pendan.





















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We are excited that you have given us an opportunity to help you on your health and wellness needs.

We want you to feel better, starting from the inside out. Achieving wellness is a journey. We can assist you with your journey by sharing our knowledge, products, and services.

Wellness Quantum Health Center I.R.  offer various forms of natural energy healing and detoxification. relaxation,detoxification, and natural chronic pain relief.

The services we provide makes us unique.

At Wellness Quantum Center I.R. we can provide you with personalized health and wellness programs and products that may offer you an alternative for chronic pain, cure, prevention,management.


Quantum Physics & QXCI/Scio Device

Welcome to a new era in technology,

An age where the focus is on finding the underlying stressors of your disease.

The latest energetic medicine device, the QXCI/SCIO is an evoked potential biofeedback device used by qualified practitioners to evaluate underlying stressors in the body. Stress, if not addressed, can manifest destructively in the system.

The QXCI/SCIO can measure and balance your individual stress response to over 9000 stressors. These are comprised of pathogens (bacterias, fungi, parasites, organ tissues, emotional factors and many many more).

The system feeds back a gentle rebalancing frequency to redress these stressors and bring the body back to its natural balance point.

The initial consultation generally takes 1 hour with follow-up consults in addition we work subspace for distant test and cure.